About me

Hello, I’m Yuan Yin, currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the MLIA Team at ISIR, Sorbonne University.

My research focuses on machine learning and deep learning for spatiotemporal sequence modeling, prediction, and analysis of complex behaviors, with a special emphasis on physical dynamical systems.

I have explored the following directions in the past years: improving neural network-based dynamics modeling by leveraging physical models through hybrid modeling; extending the generalization power of dynamics models by learning commonalities from data of different dynamics to extrapolate to unseen systems; and handling free-form data and continuously predicting phenomena in time and space through continuous modeling.

I successfully defended my PhD thesis in June 2023, under the supervision of Professor Patrick Gallinari and Associate Professor Nicolas Baskiotis. Prior to that, I earned my BSc in Computer Science from Beihang University in 2016, followed by an MSc in Computer Science from Paris Cité University and Sorbonne University in 2019.